Sunday, July 19, 2009

Autumn's Visit

We are thoroughly enjoying our visit with my oldest niece, Autumn, this weekend. I went to get her Friday evening. After some tears from the little ones because they didn't want their big sister to go (heartbreaking!), we headed towards T-town. We had a pretty uneventful trip until we were almost home, when, all of a sudden, traffic was at a standstill. Autumn and I commented on how it looked like Christmas lights up there and we enjoyed those pretty Christmassy lights for 45 minutes. When we finally saw the source of the backup, it was construction. David reminded me that progress comes at a price when I expressed my, for lack of a nicer term, frustration at sitting in traffic for so long. It's not really that I mind traffic backups, it's just that my car is a stick shift and by the time I make it through a 45 minute jam, my leg hurts from shifting so much. I'm thinking my next vehicle will be an automatic! Saturday I had to work so David and Autumn hung out for the morning. We are currently in the process of getting Poppy's ready to go. Monday is David's first day running it, so Autumn and David's brother, Richard went to work at cleaning and organizing the place. I joined them when I was finished at work. Here are some pictures of them:
Autumn "working" in the office.
Chef David and Niecey Autumn
Richard scrubbin' something. He has been so much help!
"What kind of chips would you like with that, ma'am?"

Autumn and I took a break to go get her hair cut. They have this really fantastic kid's haircutting place close to my house. They have toys to play with while they wait their turn, then video games to play while they get their hair cut. Autumn was very pleased with her hair cut. We took before and after pictures.

Autumn was a little scared of our biggest dog Buddy. I kept telling her that he was the sweetest dog we have and he just wanted to give her kisses, but honestly, he weighs more than her and likes to jump. All of a sudden, I remembered that Buddy is terrified of Bones, the little, tiny, black cat. I told Autumn to just carry the cat around and Buddy would leave her alone. It was quite entertaining....and it worked. Here is a video of Autumn and Bones fighting Buddy off. :) I promise no children or animals were harmed in the filming of this.

We'll see what adventures today holds for us.

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