Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally Friday....yeah, right.

Gone are the days of living for the weekend break. Ha Ha! My "week" is really just starting. The funny thing is that I get to sleep later during the week, than on the weekend, and for all that know me, you know that is really all I care about. I would work 365 days of the year, as long as I could sleep until 9:00 or 10:00 am all those days. We've had a VERY busy week and busy weeks (and weekends) to come. David's first week running Poppy's went really well. We progressively increased our sales each day of the week. I think David's anxiety is diminishing a little since he can actually take action and work towards his goals instead of just thinking about them. He and Jamey have booked a few catering jobs already and we are all really excited. We have all but one Saturday for the rest of July and August booked to cater dinner on The Bama Belle Riverboat, as well as other jobs booked and in the planning stages. For anyone who wants to check out the boat, the website is It will be a fun job for me and David, since we LOVE riding on boats.
My week has been a little overwhelming and I don't expect it to stop anytime soon. I technically have four jobs now. AAAHHHH. Who in their right mind needs four jobs? I guess that just proves, I'm not, nor have I ever been in my right mind. Ha Ha! I have my career job at UA (you know the one that pays the mortgage...the first priority one). In addition, I'm hanging on to the job at Candlewood Hotel. It will be a little easier when they drop me back down to three days there, but for the time being, since they are going through some staffing transitions and vacations and all, I'm there a whopping four days a week. I am keeping the books for Poppy's and a tavola (and our house) and I will be doing banquet serving for a tavola. So pretty much every waking hour is spent working on something. I guess I took the old addage "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" to the extreme. David is putting in just as many hours running Poppy's, running around for a tavola, and he has taken to helping out A LOT around the house. We are hoping all this hard work will pay off and we can retire early and travel. :) It's a dream anyway. We would love to cruise the world. No planes for David though. Plane seats and a six foot five men don't agree with each other. Well, I guess that's all for this break. More to come. :)

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