Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day - Part 2

Bright and early we headed over to David's Mom's house.  David and Mary cooked our traditional breakfast casserole and we drank Mimosas, while Papa Chuck and Ashlyn danced to Christmas music.

 Ashlyn knows what to do with presents now...just about to crack into one in this picture.
 Uncle Joe got Ashlyn a Princess purse, keys and cell phone set.  She loved them...especially the keys!
 Ashlyn's cute little Christmas Day outfit.  The little silver dots on the skirt are snowflakes.  No snow this year though!
 Merry Christmas Y'all!
 Papa Chuck took the opportunity on Christmas morning to make the men work for their meal.  They moved the big bear claw tub into the bathroom they have been renovating.  It really caused quite the commotion.  Papa Chuck and GrandMary have a gift for restoring these old houses to their former glory!
 Chillin' by the fire.  Cell phone in hand, I might add...
 GrandMary and Papa Chuck got Ashlyn a shopping cart for Christmas.  Ashlyn LOVES anything she can push about.  She pushed it around backwards for a while.
 Then she figured out how to roll!!!
I LOVE her smile!
Since Christmas was on Sunday morning this year, we headed off to the service after presents had been opened and breakfast had been eaten.  Ashlyn stayed with GrandMary and Papa Chuck since Ashlyn was in DIRE need of a nap.  I really enjoyed the service.  We had beautiful music, a children's church nativity play, and a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.  In all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, we do remember that Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.  The day that began the one greatest display of Love in the history of the earth.  The day that the man who would live a sinless, blameless life on this earth for 33 years and then willingly lay down (with great pain and suffering) that life for all our sins was born.  Happy Birthday, Jesus and Thank you.

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