Friday, January 6, 2012

Zoolight Safari 2011

This summer we registered for membership to the Birmingham Zoo - so we made it a point to visit Zoolight Safari this year.  It was still pretty cold out, but not nearly as cold as the night we went to Homestead Hollow.  Can you tell we appreciate Christmas Lights???

 Ashlyn was not interested in taking a picture...she wanted to go see!

 Ashlyn's Very First Carousel Ride!  I think we were riding a tiger.
Daddy LOVES showing Ashlyn the farm animals!  She's so funny though, she'll run after them, but she DOES NOT want to touch them!
We walked all around the zoo and saw the MILLIONS of lights!  We had hot chocolate (Ashlyn had a little taste of hot chocolate poured in with her milk) and popcorn.  We rode the train - We had tried to visit Santa again at Homestead Hollow...with no better luck than her previous visit, so we just walked right past Santa's room at the Zoo.  She got a little freaked out when Santa was waving at us on the train from his camp site, but she recovered quickly.   Hopefully she'll be a bigger fan of Santa next year. :)

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