Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Trip to Oklahoma 2011

We were so happy to be able to make the trip out to Oklahoma City again this year!  It was SO GOOD to get to see my Mom, my Grandparents and my Uncle and Aunt!!!  Ashlyn did so incredibly well on the drive out.  We left home about 3:30 in the morning and David drove the whole way!  He is such a trooper!  

Mom had a little chair just Ashlyn's size to play with!...along with a million other toys!!!  She had a blast playing there! 
 The first night we visited with my Grandparents, Ashlyn arrived asleep...I think she really enjoyed being held by her Great Grandmother! 
 She woke up before too long and it was Great Granddad's turn to play!  I hope she knows how special she is that Great Granddad busted out "Monkey"!  We were excited to show Granddad her "Monkey Leash".  She loves that thing!  She WANTS to put it on when she sees gives her so much more freedom than a stroller.
 We loved our "picnic" at my Grandparent's house!  Granny made her famous Tuna Salad.  I don't remember a time that I've been to Oklahoma that she hasn't made it for me!  I love it!  She made her cream cheese stuffed celery and cookies too!  Food, Chalk and Bubbles Galore!

 My Mom babysat one evening so we could visit the Devon Ice Skating Rink in Downtown OKC.  Neither David or I had ever been ice skating before.  I'm hooked!!!! I LOVE it!  I had SO MUCH FUN!  David only fell once and I don't want to brag..but well...yes I do...I didn't fall at all!
 Granddad took us to "Pops".  It's this really cool gas station/diner.  We ended up eating at Braum's because they had an HOUR LONG wait!  Eating at Braum's was definitely ok with me though because it's one of the places we always visited when I came as a kid, so we always make a point to go to Braum's at least once during our visit.

They did have normal flavored soda pops, but these were some of the large selection of quite interesting flavors...

I love seeing my Mommy and my baby girl playing together.  We worked on our sign language skills while we were there - this is a sign language puzzle.  Ashlyn liked it so much that she stashed a piece in one of our bags.  We brought home the letter "K" as a memento.  Mom said I can bring it back next year. ;o)
We had a pretty good ride home.  For me the ride home always seems longer than the ride there.

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