Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Party at School

I just have to say that this Christmas Season went by WAY too fast!  So many fun things to do and not nearly enough time to do them all in!  Ashlyn's class had their little Christmas Party on the 21st.

 Ashlyn gave all her little classmates a coloring book and crayons that Mommy helped her make.  You melt regular crayons in the oven into the shape of a Reese cup.  I found that project on Pinterest and was really excited to make them!  You are supposed to use old broken crayons...but we don't really have those lying around yet, so we had to use new ones.  Daddy even helped make them!  He cut the paper and I peeled and broke them into the muffin tins.  We had fun family time making them!
 These were the Big Kid favors that I brought to work and for Ashlyn's teachers.  My family calls it "dogfood".  Gross, I know...I've since learned about 6 other names for the concoction.  Whatever you call won't go wrong calling it YUMMY!
This is Ashlyn's class, minus one little girl who came later.  She LOVES her preschool!  She gets visibly excited when we get there and usually wants to play for one more minute when we come to pick her up.

 Ms. Angie is her morning teacher.  She LOVES Ms. Angie!  Angie is such a sweet, kind, caring person!  She also goes to our church, so Ashlyn gets to see her in nursery too!  Angie smothers these babies with so much love and affection and I am so glad she is Ashlyn's teacher!
 How cute are those dangly little feet!!!
 All the kids brought one wrapped book to exchange.  Ashlyn got a book about Katy Duck.  She has gotten so good at opening presents!
 Ms. Amber is Ashlyn's Lead Teacher.  Ms. Amber is SO Wonderful!  She lovingly challenges these little babies to move to the next step in their development.  She is a kind, funny, and smart lady and I am so glad God placed her in this role for Ashlyn.  Ashlyn LOVES Ms. Amber too (even though you can't tell it from her face in the picture - this picture was taken about 10 minutes before NAPTIME)!
David is always a big hit with kids!  The little girl in his lap is the daughter of some friends of ours that go to church with she knows him...but all the other little kids kept coming up to play with him too.  He has been so great with kids for as long as I've known him!  I feel old right now because I'm remembering my 10-year (almost 11 now) old niece when she was this age sitting in David's lap!  Ashlyn is so blessed to have a Daddy that makes the time to participate in her events.  David is blessed to have a job that enables him to participate.  I am blessed to have them both in my life.  I love our little family of three and all the memories that we are making together!

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