Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday, the 16th, I celebrated the BIG 3-0!  I've been asked several times what we did to celebrate...well...GrandMary and Papa Chuck babysat last Friday night, so we went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  I ate so much at the salad bar that I didn't even have room for my dinner!  I slept late on Saturday, then we went to pick boogie up from her grandparent's house.  My step mom and step sister got here Saturday, early afternoon to visit this weekend.  Sunday we went to church, then to Jalapenos for lunch.  SO YUMMY!!!!  We went to dinner at Mary's house and Teresa was there so we got to visit with her too. :o)  We came home and Lindsey kept me company while I started going through all the stuff in the craft closet.  Monday, I got to SLEEP LATE AGAIN!!!  I woke up to a bunch of Happy Birthday texts and voicemails!  Jacque cooked me a yummy birthday breakfast, and I decided that I wanted to spend the entire day in my pajama pants and so I did.  Ashlyn must have known it was my birthday, because every time I turned around she wanted to sit in my lap.  I sat on the couch, with her in my lap, and we snuggled while we watched Little Bear, Olivia and Bubble Guppies.  We ate things that are not on the diet...like pizza for lunch...and ended the day with a Birthday Reese Cup Blizzard from Dairy Queen (that David went and picked up for us so that I could accomplish my goal of getting through the entire day whilst staying in my own house in my pajama pants).  This may not have been the busiest birthday of my life...but it surely was the most relaxing!!!

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I'm Cindi... said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I'm so glad you had a fantastic day and got to make your wishes come true. :) Love ya!