Friday, January 6, 2012

Homestead Hollow and Christmas in Birmingham

My step-mom, my step-sister, Ashlyn and I decided to go check out the "Homestead Hollow's Christmas Light Spectacular" this year.  We had a fabulous time looking at the lights.  It was SO COLD out that night!!!  I love that we got to bundle up and it really felt like a wintery Christmas event!  It was nice to get to visit and Ashlyn always loves getting the extra attention!

We spend Christmas Eve Day in Birmingham.  We went to my Dad's house and opened presents and ate such yummy food!  I know I tried at least 4 different desserts (not including the little chocolate mice)!  I don't often get to see all the step siblings together now since we are all pretty much grown, so that was fun!

This isn't a picture of the actual mice we ate...but they look JUST like the one's Jacque makes.  I think they are too cute!!!

We left Dad's for a little while to go over to see Bonnie, BJ and the kids.  Please note my sister taking a picture of her "genius" plan to get Ashlyn a loud toy!  A Minnie Mouse music band set (including a drum and flute).
 Now please note that I've had ten years of practice and three harmonicas trumps one drum in terms of level of sound ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! :o)  Better luck next time Sista!  Love you!
Aunt Bonnie and Ashlyn.  I love the little hair clip she got for her.  It was a little Santa hat and Ashlyn actually left it alone in her hair (for the most part).

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