Tuesday, June 22, 2010

29 week appointment

I had my 29 week appointment on Monday. My doc is out of the office, so I had one of his partners. I felt comfortable with him, thankfully. I know I can't really pick who delivers the baby so I feel very grateful that all the doctors in this practice have a good reputation. Ashlyn's heartbeat was 134. She is still measuring a little big, but maybe her growth will slow down a bit if I keep my sugar levels under control. Please pray she does! The doctor said I was doing "better than good" on my sugar levels, so two weeks down only eleven more to go. David informed me he would bring me a big bowl of ice cream after I have the baby. :) I've since been adding more food to the list he started...there is so much yummy stuff I just can't have right now.

After the appointment, we rode out to our new insurance guys office to pick up our prize...that's right...we actually won something! When we swapped over the insurance, they were running a promotion to win a TV and WE WON! It's not the lottery, but I have to say that is probably the biggest thing we have won together. :) I have no idea where we are going to put it. I told our insurance guy that if we installed it in the nursery David would probably volunteer to rock the baby to sleep every night. Ha Ha!

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Linda said...

Hey tv in the nursery I'll rock David to sleep, haha. Way to go kids.