Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Black is slimming...what can I say. I was 26 weeks in this baby bump picture. Still have my "lazy hair" going. That is what I call the curly hair because I spread some goop in it and leave the house with wet hair. That gives me at least an extra 20 minutes of sleep. I will eventually, one day, hopefully soon get back to the hairdryer. I don't actually like the curly hair.
This is where the blog title came from. Last night as I was sitting in the office doing some paperwork, David came in to check on me. We are keeping the car seat/stroller in the office so the dust from working in the nursery doesn't get all over it. David spotted Bones sitting there minding his own beeswax and decided to try out the new car seat. After we finally got him strapped in (without any scratches, I might add), he decided it wasn't such a bad way to live. =)

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Linda said...

Y'all are so nuts. Good luck getting the cat hair out haha. You are going to really have to watch out for David when Ashlyn gets here, no telling what she and David will get into.