Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She takes after her Daddy already!

So I finally put two and two together this afternoon. Ashlyn is already taking after her Daddy! After the sixth person had asked me, "Aren't you miserable out here in this heat?"...like that is going to make me feel any better if I were miserable....and my sixth reply of, "Actually, no, I'm ok.", I started to question my own sanity. Yes I'm hot, it's a hundred freakin' degrees outside, but I'm not miserable....that is so not me! Anyone who knows me knows that I DESPISE the heat. HATE is not a strong enough word...I don't think DESPISE is really a strong enough word to describe my intense dislike of being hot. However, I love the cold! I dream of snow and cooler climates. It dawned on me how much I complained this winter. It really started in Tennessee, when I was pregnant, but didn't know yet. The cold HURT! I just wanted to stay warm! All winter long I kept saying the cold hurt! Ashlyn's little hiney has my temperature gauge swapped...that is the only logical explanation. My dear husband is a freak in my opinion...he hates the cold and loves the heat! His dream is to live somewhere that the temperature never reaches below 75 degrees....ever! I know you can just imagine the thermostat wars at my house and they would probably be pretty close to reality. I think my argument should always win though...."You can put more clothes on, but you can't take your skin off!".

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Linda said...

Oh I have used your "can't take your skin off" comment so many times already. You are so funny, actually You are a very good writer.