Monday, June 14, 2010

One HOT Momma...

I drove up to Shelton to get my lunch from Poppy's today. It is hard to find food that is good for you at fast food places. We haven't really had any leftovers lately, and trying to follow this Gestational Diabetes diet isn't hard, just inconvenient. Just before I stepped out of the car, the outside temp gauge turned to 100 degrees! It's only June for heaven sake! I'm just refusing to think about August. I am pretending that August doesn't exist for right now...I can't even imagine what the temperatures are going to be this year.
Baby Update:
I don't really have a baby update, but my blood sugar readings have all been within range since I started testing, so that is VERY good news! I had to call the monitor people this morning because I was having trouble with the control solution/test strips. I don't plan on calling them again unless it is absolutely necessary....I had to spell everything five times and repeat myself eight times. My blood pressure was so high by the end of the phone call, I swear if I have to call them any more I will end up with Preeclampsia too....aggghhh! Ashlyn is moving around a lot! She has laid off my bladder for the time being. Thank goodness! You can see a little bump poke out when she kicks sometimes. I love feeling her and knowing she is ok, but it really is still quite weird to me. I am officially in the 3rd Trimester! Almost done. I know, I are supposed to enjoy your pregnancy.....well, most of the time, I'm just ready to be done being pregnant. I know that feeling is just going to get worse. I praise God that everything points to Ashlyn being healthy and I want her to cook for as long as she is supposed to and I'm trying very hard to keep her safe while she is in my tummy, but I'm much more excited about what life holds for us when I'm done being pregnant! Some women are cracked up for pregnancy and they love it, some women are not....I'm in the not category. I just have to get through this so that I can meet the baby girl that God picked out for me and David. It's just like everything else in life though...if you come by it easy, you don't appreciate it as much. It definitely hasn't been easy and I definitely appreciate the chance to have this baby!

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Linda said...

What a lovely and wise posting. We have endured the endless rain today since 4AM. It fell so fast that flooding was insane. I only had one tiny spot of holding my breath on the way to work and the road did get closed. We had interstates that closed too. 5 water rescues with helicopters and boats and seado. Those were all in neighborhood gone under water. TV all day was the rescues. We are all safe sound and dry at home, thank You Jesus and Your Grandparents for their prayers. We are all still praying for You three.