Wednesday, June 2, 2010


NWF Daily News reports that there is an oil sheen 7 miles from Pensacola, FL shores. They have tar balls washing up on Dauphin Island, AL shores and I don't even have to mention Louisianna shores..that news is all over the place. I'm very sad for our coast. I'm sad for the creatures that live in and around the ocean. I'm sad for the people who live on the coast because the ocean and it's life is their bread and butter, whether it be by fishing or tourism, etc. Between the massive hurricanes the last few years, the already suffering US economy and now this...I'm just sad. The Gulf Coast beaches are so special and unique. I have memories that span from my childhood all the way to last summer of our coast and I know that those beaches may never be the same for David and I to share with our daughter. Do I think we will recover??...Heck Yeah! We're Americans! We're strong and resiliant! Do I think it will be easy or quick??? No...that is the sad part. I pray for the entire southeast because this will have a lasting effect on us all.

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