Monday, June 21, 2010

Water Babies

This Saturday David and I drove down to Warrior, AL to go visit Rickwood Caverns State Park with Bonnie and the kids. We had SO MUCH FUN! There was a bit of a rough start since we arrived at Bonnie's house in the middle of something that could only be described as a Monsoon! We looked like we had been swimming already while we were sitting at Bonnie's house waiting for the rain to let up. We chatted for about an hour and the weather was clearing up so we headed up to the park. When we got there we found out that every time they hear thunder they close the pool for 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder. They weren't too far from opening the pool back up, so we took the opportunity to have snack time before we went in. We all sat in the back of David's truck and ate watermelon, pickles, sandwiches, chips, cheese-its, blueberries, turkey peperoni's and cheese sticks ( I think there may have been even more yummy tidbits!). When we were done eating they were just opening the pool. As we were walking to the window, you guessed it, more thunder. Aaaggghhh! Thankfully they have a great little playground, so we walked over and the kids (and us a little) played for 30 minutes and then the pool finally opened up. No More Thunder for the rest of the day!

David showing looks like it is going to be a belly flop, but believe it or not, he kicked those legs back pretty quick and went straight in.

Modeling in the baby pool.
David kept asking Hayden, "What's in that hole over there?"...just to see what he would's what he did....he went and found out.
We were all this tuckered out!!!!!
Many thanks to Bonnie who was the lone photographer for our trip since I was too lazy to pull out the camera!

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Linda said...

Hey Lifeguard Daughter don't You recall closing the pool on one of my Basic Water Rescue classes due to thunder??????? hahaha You rock!